People doing what they do: Milking Cows

Assignment one – The small town girl Marge

Assignment one - The once the year bingo player Marge

87-year-old Marge Rau has lived in the little town on Beal City her whole life. She was born on February 6th of 1926. When she was young she loved to play outside at night. Her and her friends would play all sorts of game. She spoke about how back in the ‘20s and ‘30s there was not a care in the world. She said, today if children were outside playing at night it would be taboo and unsafe.

Marge plays bingo once a year every year at the Knights of Columbus Chicken Barbeque in Beal City with family friends and community members. This year she played along side me. We both did not have very good luck but we enjoyed it anyway.

Within talking to Marge for little bit I was able to guess by her demure and sweet manner that growing up she had to share and compromise with siblings. Upon asking I found out I had guessed correctly. Marge was the third oldest of 11 girls and she had just one brother.

Marge would wake up early before school and milk cows everyday. A close friend of hers joked “so that’s why you always smelled like cow poop at school!”

She has a pool built into her home where she used to swim in everyday. Now that she is older she needs to have someone with her to swim but with a large family that is easy to do.

Assignment one – The artist Katzinn

Assignment one - The artist Katzinn

Kathleen Zinn goes by her artist name, Katzinn, she chose early on in her career to go by this title.

Katzinn has had a beautiful life, “I have been blessed to live the life I have.” After growing up on a farm she went out and traveled to all 50 states. Her best memory in life has been the time she got to spend with her grandfather.

“He taught me to pay attention to the details in the world, she said.”

Katzinn is a very talented graphic artist that travels around the country selling her pieces at festivals, galleries, craft shows and markets. She creates her art with ink. She generates a look of watercolor by watering down the ink and paints it on as she would with watercolor paint. Katzinn has been selling her graphic art for 19 years.

“My definition of art is anything that inspires you, said Katzinn. ”

One piece she would give to a large group would be “Always remember, life is an adventure.”

Assignment one – The athlete Shae

Assignment one - Shae

      Shae Bennette is a Special Olympics Athlete from Grand Rapids. The 22-year-old had just gotten done playing SOMI’s first ever flag football game. In light of the accepting environment Shae said, “one piece of advice that I would give to a large group would be to respect each other and try to understand where everyone is coming from.”
Shae’s future is bright wants to attend college at Everest or job core. She is dedicated to pursuing a career in the medical field because both her mother and grandmother have passed away from the disease. She wants to learn how to help people with the same illness.
When Shae was in high school her and her class went on a field trip during the middle of winter. A classmate bet her to stick her tongue to a poll for $40. She said, “I had to take the bet.” Once she stuck her tongue to the poll she was stuck for 30 minutes by herself while her friends went to find help. She lost the top layer of her tongue, which described painful. Shae also had a tongue ring then that made it even worse. She does not look back at this as a bad memory. She looks back at this as one of the happiest moments in her life and still laughs when she thinks about it.

Assignment one – A lady in a hat, Tina.

Millard 220 Print IMG_7959

Port Huron native Tina Morrison knows how to stand out in a crowd. Wearing a feather covered cowboy hat she was easy to see in the crowd at Wheatland Music Festival in Remus Michigan on Sunday afternoon. This year marked Tina’s 14th year at Wheatland, where everyone you meet is friendly and full of life.

When she was asked what is one piece of advice she would give to a large group would be, such as the ones at Wheatland what would it be? She said, “to be kind to one another.”

“The happiest memory in my life was when my two boys were born 15 and 18 years ago,” said Tina.

For her career she is a radio journalist. Three things people wouldn’t know about Tina is that she does not have any specific judgment or association with government or religion. She would also try anything artistic or go anywhere global. The last thing a stranger would not know about Tina is that she has a great party trick; she can pull her nose and make tears come out of her eyes.

In class assignment 9/4 – portrait

My partner was the naturally beautiful Jessica. She has this light that just radiates from her when she smiles, and a smile is almost always followed by a giggle that is contagious. I hope I was able to show her true personality in these images as I was able to experience it.