Faith, Football & Freedom; Small Town U.S.A.

When you type “Beal City, Michigan” into Google three things show up: football, the Catholic Church and Google maps. The map shows the rural town that is predominantly farmland. The town is centered around St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church. Beal is more of a satellite town to Mt. Pleasant with a population of only 345 people. The community members are very religious and have a strong sense of support; especially for their football team.

This piece of work was done for the Michigan & Me workshop at Central Michigan University with Danny Wilcox Frazier. This project forced me to take a step back into the small town that I grew up in and photograph the feeling that each member of this village gets to feel everyday.

Over the span of a week I have captured just the beginning of a story that goes further than these images. The small town life and strong sense of community is a project that I plan to continue into two more chapters, Faith and Farming.