A Night in the Veterans Memorial Library

As a¬†challenge in my journalism multimedia course at Central Michigan University, our professor Kent Miller assigned a “video shootout.” Each student came to class prepared to make a video from start to finish within the three hour class period. As I reached my hand into the red cup, that had folded up papers in it, I was secretly hoping I would get a business I had never been to before. I picked the Veterans Memorial Library and was elated because I love going to the library to rent books, movies, cds, and magazines. I did not get to experience a new place but I was able to meet some great people that I still run into from time to time. I shot the video in an hour and then spend an hour and 30 minutes editing it. Enjoy.

A Week of Remembrance

Students and community members took the day off of school and work to remember a man who helped make a change in the United States during the 60s. Martin Luther King Jr. day was celebrated for more than one at on Central Michigan University’s Campus, with more than eight events for people to partake in. The Children’s Workshop: I Have a Dream, took place in Rowe Hall, January 20, 2014, for students to learn and create artwork in reflection of MLK’s work. At the MLK Peace March and Vigil students showed love for one another while expressing change that still can be made in America. Wrapping ¬†up the week of events was the Martin Luther King Jr. Charity Basketball Game where a team of students took on staff and facility. The students proved to be better ball player with a final score of 50-42.