Dancing Sisters

Jazz and hip hop dancers Kelsey and Lauren Pasch love being able to let loose and put their energy into their dance practices at Newman School of Dance. The sisters from Beal City, Michigan have been dancing for eight year. Kelsey, age 13 helps her younger sister, Lauren, age 11, improve on her skills. “I tell her what stuff she should improve, and she tells me what stuff I need to improve; whether it’s pointing your toes or getting into the moves more, smiling or eye contact, stuff like that,” said Kelsey. Both girls plan to continue dancing as long as they can and would want to be student dance teachers in the future as well.


4 thoughts on “Dancing Sisters

  1. Great angles, lighting was done very well, audio was clear, I can only think of positive things. You did a really great job with this story. I like the placement of the interviews and the b-roll of the trophies was a nice touch. Everything that was talked about you had a visual for, it flowed really smoothly. I also liked your opening and closing, it was very unique. I did miss Lauren Pasch’s name at first and went back, so the only thing I would suggest would be to have it come in a few seconds later or have it stay in for another second or two longer. My first reaction is to look at the subject’s face then the text, I also don’t think I read Kelsey’s either.

    Definitely portfolio material!

  2. I really enjoyed this video. The only thing I have a complaint with is one of the girls names popped up super quickly and then was gone. If you could leave it just a little longer I think you would be golden. Pretty awesome overall!

  3. Great job with this! The interview set ups were phenomenal. Great lighting, great audio, great choice in location. I love the trophies to the side of the first interview and the reflection of the mirror in the second. Another highlight was including who they looked up to in the studio. That was a great touch, and it made the interviews go to another level. Only good things to say, great job!

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