Sidney’s Judges Bench: Old bar with a new owner

After looking for something different to do for roughly four years Sidney Tilmann decided to buy a bar. The last 27 years of her life was spent as a hairdresser that went into the homes of elderly and handicapped people. In the small town of Winn, Mich. sits a bar called Sidney’s Judges Bench among a closed hardware store and other dying local businesses. Tilmann is in love with owning the bar after 7 weeks of being open for business. She said it was fun to transform the bar, and to bring it up to date. “The first couple of weeks were all things that you didn’t see. Floor braces, because half of this building was built in 1893 so it needed some tender love and care. It was fun once we got past that stage where we got up here. The painting, the new beer taps, the new lights, new cooler, and redid the kitchen so that it flows easier and is more worker friendly for everyone back there,” said Tilmann. The future is bright for the bar, the menu has been revamped and they are ready to make the history of The Bench continue long into the future.

One thought on “Sidney’s Judges Bench: Old bar with a new owner

  1. Shannon,

    This is so good! I love the variety of video you have and the woman is very interesting to listen to. She has a nice voice and it seems like she has a lot to say on the subject and is very passionate about it. Great job!

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