T.I.D. Workshop

The Image Deconstructed workshop was a rich environment for learning and making friends with fellow photojournalists. T.I.D took place in Chapel Hill, North Carolina set in a room on University of North Carolina’s stunning campus. I am personally grateful for Logan Mock­Bunting and Ross Taylor Photographers and Co- founders of The Image, Deconstructed for putting together an amazing workshop that left my brain full and my hands and mind ready to shoot. T.I.D wasn’t just about the photography it was also touched on business, therapy, improvisation and creative writing. Everything referred to photojournalism but in new ways that I had not talked about before in college courses. A personal favorite talk was “The Distance Between Us,” by Chris Capozziello where he discussed his ten year photo story on his brother with cerebral palsy. I related to his struggles and learned from Chis because it is hard to photograph family and he spoke about it in a new way that I can learn from and use for my current work. Driving home from North Carolina was a time to look back and reflect on the powerful moments us Central Michigan University students just shared with photojournalist across the county. I am home now ready to look at photography with new eyes and eagerness to tell stories.

One thought on “T.I.D. Workshop

  1. Awesome video. I really enjoyed the variety of still shots. I also like how instead of having a bunch of b-roll you had instead a few shots that were kinda like stop motion. Great video and great audio.

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